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AKAMOKU FUCOIDAN JELLY - High Molecular Fucoidan Jelly


High Molecular Weight AKAMOKU FUCOIDAN JELLY Akamoku Fucoidan Jelly is a Jelly Type Fucoidan made from natural Akamoku (brown algae). This AKAMOKU FUCOIDAN Jelly's Fucoidan is extracted from natural Akamoku (brown algae) which is carefully picked with hand by local divers.  AKAMOKU can be picked for only 3 months a year in Japan.   Akamoku Fucoidan Jelly contains Natural Akamoku (Brown Algae ),...

FUCOXANTHIN EX - Low Molecular Weight Fucoxanthin Soft Capsules


Fucoxanthin EX 1capsule contains FUCOXANTHIN much the same as 250ml of SEA FUCIOIDAN ✅ Ultra (Super) Low Molecular Weight      Recommended daily intake of FucoxanthinEX is 3 to 6 capsules a day. [Fucoxanthin EX 90 capsules] Ingredients; High oleic sunflower oil / Fucoxanthin / Brown algae extract / Vegetable soft capsule (HPMC) Expiration Dates; Unopened: 2 years Nutritional Component per 1 Capsule;  Energy 2.21...

SEA FUCOIDAN - Ultra Low Molecular Weight Long Seller Fucoidan Bevarage


SEA FUCOIDAN is the most famous and longest history of Ultra Low Molecular Weight Fucoidan beverage. ●Made from the Kingdome of Tonga Hand Picked Mozuku ●Contents: 900 ml × 2 bottles with measuring cup ●Ultra Low Molecular Weight ●2 Types Available: Sweetened type (Honey) / Sugar-free type​ ​[Expiration Dates] Unopened: 2 years[Raw Materials] 【Sugar-free type】Brown algae(Mozuku), Vitamin C, Citric acid, Vitamin...

SEA FUCOIDAN DX - Low Molecular Weight & High Molecular Weight Mixed Fucoidan Beverage


SEA FUCOIDAN DX is a brand new and version up SEA FUCOIDAN. ✅ Ultra ( Super ) Low Molecular Weight  SEA FUCOIDAN DX is also a type of ultra low-molecular-weight Fucoidan Beverage but SEA FUCOIDAN DX also contains high-molecular-weight Fucoidan too. ✅ No Iodine No Aresenic Included ✅ Made from The King of Tonga Natural Mozuku ( Brown Algae ) ✅ Made...