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Sea Fucoidan DX

This bottle is Loaded withJapanese technology 20 years have passed since SEA FUCOIDAN was published.We have made efforts to improve product quality, including purity, protection and variety of ingredients, to provide the highest quality fucoidan. We have introduced SEA FUCOIDAN DX as a better fucoidan supplement than the traditional supplement after conducting various joint research with research institutions. Since we launched SEA FUCOIDAN DX, 5 years have passed and we have succeeded in creating the enhanced version of SEA FUCOIDAN DX. Our goal is to rethink ingredients and provide high-quality supplements of fucoidan.


Sea Fucoidan

Long-seller item that everybody loves Our standard product model, "SEA FUCOIDAN" which, since SEA FUCOIDAN was born in 1997, has been loved by everyone as a pioneer of the low molecular Fucoidan product. Since then, we have repeated small shifts to boost the consistency of our goods. As a representative of low molecular Fucoidan product, it is still a product that everyone loves! Our Low-Molecular Special Technology The distinctive low molecular technique is the distinction between SEA FUCOIDAN and other fucoidans. You may also learn of a low molecule at present. As a leader among them, SEA FUCOIDAN is a long-standing low molecular object.


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