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[worldpeace In.] SEA FUCOIDAN DX - Low Molecular Weight & High Molecular Weight Mixed Fucoidan Beverage



SEA FUCOIDAN DX is a brand new and version up SEA FUCOIDAN.

✅ Ultra ( Super ) Low Molecular Weight 

SEA FUCOIDAN DX is also a type of ultra low-molecular-weight Fucoidan Beverage but SEA FUCOIDAN DX also contains high-molecular-weight Fucoidan too.

No Iodine No Aresenic Included

✅ Made from The King of Tonga Natural Mozuku ( Brown Algae )

Made in Japan

Contains Essential Amino acids

●Contents: 900 ml × 2 bottles with measuring cup

2 Types Available: Sweetened type (Honey) / Sugar-free type​ ​

[Expiration Dates] Unopened: 2 years

[Raw Materials]

【Sugar-free type】
Brown algae(Mozuku,Durvillea)/Vitamin C Acidulant(Citric acid) Vitamin B1 Nicotinic-acid amide Vitamin B6 Vitamin B2

【Sweetened type】
Brown algae(Mozuku,Durvillea) Honey/Vitamin C Acidulant(Citric acid) Vitamin B1 Nicotinic-acid amide Vitamin B6 Vitamin B2

【Nutrition Facts per 100 g】

【Sugar-free type】
Energy 5kcal、Protein 0.1g、Lipid 0.1g、Total carbohydrate 1.9g(Sugar 0.6g、Dietary fiber 1.3g)、Natrium 72.2mg(Amount equivalent to salt 0.183g)、Vitamin C 200mg、Vitamin B1 3.8mg、Vitamin B6 1.3mg

【Sweetened type】
Energy 18kcal、Protein 0.1g、Lipid 0.1g、Total carbohydrate 5.0g(Sugar 3.8g、Dietary fiber 1.2g)、Natrium 73.6mg(Amount equivalent to salt 0.187g)、Vitamin C 200mg、Vitamin B1 4.5mg、Vitamin B6 1.3mg

Take 30ml 1~2 times a day before meals or on an empty stomach

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